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We need your support

We need your support

Awake & Shine Primary School

The idea of this school originated with the conviction that  rural development must focus on  improving village schools.

Awake and Shine Primary school, has been developed as a model Primary School for rural India providing quality education, alongside personality building.

The founding of the school was based on the belief, that the main hurdle in finding gainful employment for village youth was lack of suitable education at the primary level and proficiency in spoken English.

General Singh’s vision for the school is to develop the personality of rural children and to empower them through ability to communicate in English.

The School Mission is to help the young body and mind to grow and learn in a joyous environment, enabling all round development of the child.

The School's objective is to enable admission to English medium schools, after completing primary education. To this end, proficiency in spoken English and the balanced development of mind and body should be achieved. The inculcation of self confidence, spirit of adventure, good manners, personal hygiene, environmental consciousness, pride in manual labour,  and creative activities, is vital.

Guiding principals – Our Five mantras

  •  Create the required infrastructure and providing necessary learning aids with least cost by persuading the local community to provide land and partner with us in developing infrastructure.
  • Evolve innovative and creative curriculum to build a sound foundation. What we teach must not be just knowledge, but should lead to preparing the young for gainful employment.
  • Employ suitable members of the local community as teachers (not necessarily qualified) and train them to match our ethos. 
  • Maintain high happiness level  by adopting caring policies for children, teachers and the community.
  • Evolve innovative funding methods for income generation to provide quality education.


The School is located at Samthar – a small rural community, 45 Kms from Kalimpong, in a relatively remote mountain region.

Our Address: Project Awake and Shine
Samthar Farm House, Basti and Post Office Samthar, Kalimpong,
Dist Darjeeling, West Bengal, India - 734301
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